GBT Raspberry Assorted Enzyme 200ml


Rich in organic acid, plant sterols and various type of vitamin & minerals

  • Enhance kidney and liver function
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Sustaining skin whitening and refreshing

Balanced physique acidity and alkalinity Helps prevent suffering from uric acid and joint pain

Removes toxin in vivo – Removes unnecessary cholesterol in the blood vessel and vitro intestinal tract’s in waste decomposition

Anti-cancer – Suppress growth of cancer cells

Activate cell function – Helps with acceleration cell’s metabolism function, restore smooth & elasticity of skin

Strengthening immune system – Strengthen the body to external germ resistivity

No sugar added/ No artificial coloring/ No preservatives

Ingredients : Palmleaf Raspberry, Mulberry, Wolfberry, Great Burdock, Epimedium, Oligosaccharides

How to consume : 

  1. Serve TWICE a daily. Dilute 2-4 tablespoons with cold water or dilute to suit your taste.


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