Earth Organic Barley Sprout Matcha Soy Milk


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Earth Living Organic Barley Sprout & Matcha Soy Milk Powder 有机大麦芽&抹茶豆奶 700g

Soy milk is one of the most common and nutritious dairy alternatives, highly recommended for those who are dairy intolerant. Soy bean is a protein-rich bean with a number of compounds that are particularly important to men’s health. It is high in content of isoflavones, protein, vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. Sprouts are known as powerhouse of nutrients due to the grains transformation into another era state. Barley Sprout Powder is to enhance the multiple vitamins and minerals of this beverage. Green tea is known for its beneficial flavonoids that counteract free-radicals. The composite of these 3 super foods provides ideal elements to boost our body’s functions. That helps preventing and treating some of the leading health conditions for men. This delicious milk gives a round, smooth, rich and a very pleasant greeny taste for all yourcan ask for a conveniently instant healthy beverage enjoyment!

Health Benefits:
• Lower bad cholesterol level
• Reduce risk of heart diseases
• Protect against atherosclerosis
• Improve T-2 diabetes conditions
• Protect digestive tract health
• High anti-oxidants properties
• Improve blood circulation
• Enhance Immune system

Ingredients: Organic Soy Powder, Green Tea Powder, Organic Barley Sprout Powder, Stevia.

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