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MIRACLE NATURAL BROWN RICE POWDER is suitable for people who have no time to eat and people who are having difficulties to eat rice. It is also suitable for type 2 diabetes mellitus as it helps to control postprandial blood glucose concentration without increasing insulin secretion. Rice is a staple food in Asia, particularly in Malaysia. Brown rice is a type of paddy rice that removes the only outermost layer (hull) during processing to preserving embryo, bran layer and endosperm. It retains the most nutritional value in rice. Brown rice is well-known as whole grain rice with low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate which is 55. It is suitable for diabetic consumers and people who are particular with the nutrient in food. Since it has a lower GI, consumers will stay in satiety for a longer time because of lower digestion process of carbohydrate. This helps to aid in weight management for people who want to lose weight, lowers cholesterol level, and controlling blood sugar.

Brown rice riches in complex carbohydrate in the form of fiber, gamma-oryzanol, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber helps to nourish gut bacteria and act as prebiotics to feed probiotics in the small intestine. A phenolic compound in brown rice associated antioxidant activities fermentation the colonic bacteria and hence helps to reduce colon cancer.

People are unlikely to consume brown rice because it takes a longer time to cook properly compared to white rice. This is because, tough fibrous content in the bran, restrict the penetration of water. The cooking time also might reduce some of the beneficial nutrients such as B1 content in brown rice. Besides, it also has a rough texture making it hard to chew. Thus, innovation has solved the problem by producing brown rice powder to ease the consumer. It is also suitable for people who undergo a gluten-free diet. This is due to low protein content but has high digestible carbohydrate. It also has a hypoallergenic property suitable for allergens.

Preparation: Mix 30gm of Miracle Natural Brown Rice Powder with 400ml of warm water, stir well and serve.

Ingredients: Brown Rice Powder.

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