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MIRACLE PURPLE POTATO ALMOND MILK is providing a healthy and non-dairy milk alternative that suitable for the consumer who wants to reduce cholesterol, lactose intolerance, and vegetarian practitioner. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol called as ‘bad’ cholesterol cannot dissolve in blood and lead to cholesterol disease. The ‘bad’ cholesterol would be carried in the blood vessels and can cause heart attack due to the sudden blood clot formed.

An antioxidant is a type of molecule that counteracts damage caused by free radicals and lipid oxidation in food consumed . Lipid oxidation can activate inflammatory response affecting circulatory system and organs such as liver, kidney, lung and gut . Apart from that, antioxidants in sweet potatoes also help to reduce the risk of cancer in a form of beta-carotene and anthocyanins that gives purple color to the plant organ.
Vegetarian practitioner and lactose intolerance will definitely get protein nutrients from plant protein milk. Almond provides 6% per serving (28.35g of almond) of protein nutrient intake suitable for body consumption. Almond also has several essential amino acids that are highly digestible in the stomach such as histidine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine and valine . In addition, both purple sweet potato and almond have insoluble enhance satiety for long hours besides maintaining healthy and diverse microbiota in the small intestine. Purple sweet potato and almond provide 17% and 12% of recommended intake of in daily life respectively. Thus, it helps in lower gastric emptying and intestinal transit which lead to postprandial glucose response. Glycemic index (GI) for purple sweet potato, brown rice, and black rice are less than 55 . Therefore it is ideal for type 2 diabetic mellitus consumers. Lower GI carbohydrates will slow the digestion process of carbohydrate and metabolism providing lower fluctuation of glucose and insulin level in the body.
Preparation: Mix 30gm of Miracle Organic Purple Potato Almond Milk with 400ml of warm water, stir well and serve.

Ingredient: Organic Purple Potato Powder, Organic Brown Rice Powder, Organic Black Rice Powder, Non-GMO Soy Powder, Organic Almond Powder and GOS.

神奇有机紫薯杏仁粉是由紫薯,杏仁, 黑米配制而成的健康饮品.这三种成份含有人体所需的多元化营养, 三管齐下能发挥极佳的功效. 它富含蛋白质,膳食纤维,铁质,磷, 镁, 钾, 维他命E群及抗氧化素.


抗氧化, 红润肌肤
将2至3茶匙的神奇有机紫薯杏仁粉加入400ml的温水,搅拌均匀即可. (水量可依个人喜好调整)

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