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Oat Enrich contains beta-glucan, a soluble dietary fiber in oat bran that is not only imparts a rounded, indulgent mouth feel to beverages, but also actively lowers cholesterol, improve heart health and modulates blood sugar levels. It also contain Brown Rice Bran to improve our digestive health. It is something that you can’t afford to miss!
Oat Enrich is both natural and healthy beverage that suits all walks of life. It is rich in dietary fiber and contains beta-glucan which can reduce LDL cholesterol level, lower high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar level and fight against heart disease. It is also especially beneficial in satisfying the feeling of hunger. Meanwhile, this beverage is effective in enhancing memory and cognition and help to protect liver.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, stomach is the root of internal organs in the body. The development of body depends on spleen while nutrition absorption depends on stomach. This beverage allows allows you to obtain all the nutrition in the most effective way by providing you the best solution for a healthy stomach and digestive system.

The goodness of Oat Enrich:
– Contain B-glucan, lecithin and soybean which help to reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
– Improve digestive health, strengthen spleen and stomach.
– Prevent atherosclerosis and heart diseases.
– Enhance memory and cognition.
– Vitamin B complex work in synergy for physical health and mental-being.
– High quality protein which is essential for the repair of tissues and nutrition absorption.
– Maintain youthful skin tone, and support vital skeletal and bone health.
– Regulate blood sugar level, especially important for diabetes patients.
– Rich in soluble dietary fiber. It helps reduce constipation.
– Improve immune system, fight against diseases.

Suitable for:
– Recommended for people who want to improve their digestive system, immune system, skeletal and bone health, to revitalize youthful skin and to enhance general good health.
– Diabetes
– Vegetarians and vegan


净重量: 500 克/包


– 含b-葡聚糖、卵磷脂及大豆,帮助有效降低胆固醇。
– 促进良好的消化管道,加强和调理脾胃。
– 预防动脉硬化及心血管疾病。
– 增强记忆力与认知能力。
– 含维生素B群,维持身体机能运作。
– 优质蛋白质帮助修复受损组织,帮助营养与矿物质的吸收。
– 维持柔润的肌肤及骨骼的健康。
– 帮助调节血糖水平,适合糖尿病患者。
– 含水溶性膳食纤维,帮助治疗便秘。
– 增强免疫系统,抵抗各种疾病。

– 适合各年龄层以改善肤质、消化及免疫系统、骨骼健康
– 素食者适用
– 糖尿病患者


每日1-2 次。建议早上一次(25 克),提供您足够的营养应付日常活动。 晚上临睡前一次(25克),在您睡觉时帮助提升身体功能。


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