Jointwell OATerenergy (J) x 850g


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Research shows dairy protein’s molecule is bigger and not easily digestible can cause allergic reaction. Nowadays, Oaterenergy (plant milk) is created to replace daily milk and supply excellent nutrients lead you to healthy life! Oaterenergy is made of organic embryo oats certified by USDA & Montana Department of Agriculture; it has the finest texture with all the goodness of oats and high calcium. It has a light and creamy taste.

研究表明,乳蛋白的分子更大,不易消化,可引起过敏反应。如今,燕麦高钙植物奶 (日) 的诞生是为了取代日常牛奶,并提供优质营养,让您健康生活! Oaterenergy由美国农业部和蒙大拿州农业部认证的有机胚燕麦制成;它具有最好的质地,燕麦和高钙的所有优点。它有轻盈和奶油的味道。

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