GBT Mulberry Enzyme 200ml


Mulberry Enzyme is made from pure natural fresh mulberry fruit and raspberry fruit, naturally fermented for more than 2 years using modern advanced biological technology originated from China. Fermentation is controlled by advanced technology that preserves the original nutritious properties of fruits.

  • Detoxification – Eliminates toxins and chemicals in body
  • Skin care – Keeps skin well rejuvenated, moisturized
  • Slimming – Boost metabolic rate and trim body fat
  • Anti oxidative – Revitalizes the body with energy and essential trace elements

No preservatives/ No artificial coloring & flavoring

Ingredients : Mulberry, Raspberry, Oligosaccharides

How to consume : 

  1. Serve TWICE a day. Dilute 2-4 tablespoons with cold water or dilute to suit your taste

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