Love Earth Korean Bamboo Salt 310g


It uses natural sea salt roasted in bamboo and in different temperature. During the high temperature roasted process, all the harmful substances (e.g. heavy metals in sea salt) are eliminated. On the other hand, it absorbs variety of useful substances and medical ingredients.

-Sea salt is pour into a matured and at least 3 year-old or above bamboo trunk. After that the open side of the bamboo will sealed with yellow clay and then baking the salt filled bamboo trunk in furnace for 10 hours with temperature of 1000-1300°C. –

The bamboo salt will melt and form into a hardened piece after baked. The obtained bamboo salt from the first burning process will put into a new bamboo trunk, and repeat the burning process. The number of burning process indicates the numbers of bamboo salt being burned in the new bamboo trunk.

  • Bamboo salt contains variuos types of minerals which are good for anti-flammatory, detoxifications, purifies the blood and remove harmful heavy metals effects.

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