Tigerus Organic Tiger Milk Mushroom 60’s


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Tiger Milk Mushroom, hailed as Malaysia’s national treasure, is an effective herbal remedy for respiratory system with over 400 years of traditional application. It effectively relieves chronic cough, wheezing, sinusitis and other respiratory symptoms. Both the symptoms and root causes are addressed via the mechanism of cleansing, regulating, restoring, and protecting. Tiger Milk Mushroom possesses anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating properties which can effectively repair the damaged tissue of respiratory system, enabling the respiratory system to restore its self-cleansing and metabolic function, while stimulating and modulating immune functions and increases immune cells and enhancing its activity against infectious disease. It is a comprehensive approach to improve the function of the respiratory system, in order to prevent relapse and ineffective treatment problems. It is your perfect daily remedy to improve respiratory health and prevent the respiratory problems.


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