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Propolis is made by worker bees, by collecting plant buds, bark, branches fat-like substance mixed with honey saliva enzymes, pollen, or beeswax to protect beehive from microorganisms (bacteria or viruses) and other insects, animal or rain invasive. French scientist Dr. Remy Chauvin confirmed, bee hive cannot cultivate bacteria, even animal carcasses is not rot in bee hive, it is more hygiene than any hospital operating room.
In Europe, propolis has been using in medical care for more than 300 years; it is hailed as “natural antibiotic”.

Nuhealth Green Propolis MOH (NPRA) Approver No.: MAL13035020TC is Produced in accordance with International GMP standard production processes, it is produced by using MPES the most advanced extraction enrichment technology MPES, and certified by international inspection agency SGS, Da-Yeh University of Taiwan, and The Ministry of Health Malaysia as traditional medicine and health supplement.

MPES technology extracts active ingredients of propolis to the highest point, several times higher than the average extraction technology, for instance Quercetin, one of the flavonoids.

Nuhealth Green Propolis contains flavonoids and active ingredients that are effective for the human body are higher than the general top propolis on the market

What common ailments does propolis help with?
Propolis has satisfactory improvement in the following problems all over the world:

• Strengthen immune function
• Enhanced anti-virus function
• Stabilize blood sugar
• Promote metabolism
• Activate cells
• Promote liver function
• Accelerates wound healing
• Antiallergic effect
• Contains anti-tumor and cancer ingredients, reduces the side effects of physical and chemical treatments, and strengthens the therapeutic effect, and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
• Beautifies the skin and prevents aging

Direction to use:
• Edible
For adult: Take 6 drops/0.3ml 〜 10 drops/0.5ml, Mix. With 150ml 〜 200ml of lukewarm water and serve before meal. 2 to 3 times daily.

• External use
Applied directly to the wound

蜂胶乃是由工蜂採集植物之嫩芽,树皮,树枝的脂状物质与蜂蜜唾液酵素,花粉或蜂蜡混合所得之一种胶状黏性物质,用来保护其蜂巢避免微生物(细菌或病毒) 及其他昆虫动物或雨水等侵入。法国科学家雷朱教授 (Dr.Remy Chamrin)证实在蜂巢里无法培植任何细菌,即使动物尸体也不腐败,比任何医院的手术房来的清洁。在欧洲,蜂胶被利用於医疗用途已超过300年。被喻为 [天然抗生素]。

Nuhealth Green Propolis 马来西亚卫生部许可编号MAL13035020TC是依照国际GMP规格生产流程以目前最先进的萃取浓缩技术 (MPES) 多元化极性萃取技术生产,经过国际检验所SGS,台湾大叶大学检验和鉴定, 马来西亚卫生部传统药品 (NPRA) 验证许可的传统医药保健食品。

MPES技术可以把蜂胶原胶里的活性成分萃取至最高点,比起一般的萃取技术高达一倍或以上,例如类黄酮之一的槲皮素 (Quercetin)…

Nuhealth Green Propolis含有的类黄酮和对人体有效的活性成分比市场上的一般顶级蜂胶还要高。


• 强化免疫功能
• 增强抗病毒功能
• 稳定血糖
• 促进新陈代谢
• 活化细胞
• 促进肝功能
• 加速伤口愈合
• 抗过敏作用
• 含有抗肿瘤和癌症成份,降低物理及化学治疗的副作用,并且加强治疗效果,能抑制癌细胞的生长。
• 美化肌肤,防止老化

• 内服
• 外用

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