Nuhealth NattoPlus® 365 (2 x 30’s)


Daily support for heart health (2 x 30’s capsules) 

There are many facets to our health, and it can never be taken lightly for it has an impact on a person’s quality of life, not to mention life itself. NattoPlus 365 offers various carefully selected ingredients that has been proven to yield positive results in boosting our general health and wellbeing by improving our blood circulation. Its active ingredient, Nattokinase, has been known for over 1000 years as a heart-healthy food that is valuable for our body. Other ingredients include Rhodiola and Phytonutrients such as tomato (fructus lycopersicon esculentum), carrots (Daucus carota), as well as spinach (folium spinacia oleracae) further assist in boosting our overall health with their wide range of health benefits.


Active Ingredients: Semen sojae Preparatum (Nattokinase), Herba Rhodiolae Rosea, Semen Monascus purpureus, Brassica oleracea bud, Brassica oleracea var. italica, Brassica oleracea var. acephala, Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera, Lycopersicon Enculentum, Daucus carota L, Spinacia aleracea, Allium cepa


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NattoPlus 365 (Nattokinase)
Known as a blood vessel scavenger

Nattokinase Suitable for
Office workers who have been sedentary for a long time and have little activity, those who often socialize and drink too much, middle-aged and elderly group, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, etc.

Overall health, improved blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke, etc.

NattoPlus 365 (Nattokinase)
Mempunyai reputasi sebagai Pembersih Salur Darah

Nattokinase sesuai untuk golongan
Pekerja pejabat yang duduk terlalu lama dan kurang aktif, individu yang selalu penat bersosial dan terlebih minum, warga pertengahan usia dan warga emas, individu yang mempunyai tahap kolesterol tinggi, tekanan darah tinggi, hiperlipidemia, dan lain-lain.

Kesihatan keseluruhan, peredaran darah yang lebih baik, pencegahan penyakit kardiovaskular dan strok, dsb

NattoPlus 365 (纳豆激酶)



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