Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant Protein and Grape Seed 450g


Nuewee Organic Blackcurrantwith GrapeSeedsis 100% vegan product without anyartificial ingredients. The high protein content makes it an ideal source ofvegetable protein and valuable source of other nutrients like DHA, GOS,Probiotic, Calcium,Vitamin Cand so on. Powder is also rich infibre, and low in saturated fats. The sweet flavor comes from the naturalblackcurrant powder and fructose so that it gives an extra energyboost to your protein serving. Added with Lutein whichis called as “Eye Vitamins” to prevent eye diseases including age-relatedmacular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa. The antioxidant contents in Grape Seed and Alpha OPCs are approximately 2 times morepowerful than vitamin E and as much as 4 times stronger than vitamin C. Health benefitsof these Grape Seeds & OPCsinclude antibacterial, antiviral, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory,anti-allergic, and vasodilatory.Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant Protein with Grape Seeds isa healthy and natural way to optimize your daily nutrientsneed.This product is suitable for all age groups, especially growing children, busyworking group and senior citizen.

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