TigerKidz 365® Junior (90’s Chewable tablet)


Keeps growing bodies healthy from day to day (60’s Chewable tablet)

Kids undergo various important developments during their childhood years and a boost to their everyday health will go a long way in allowing them to thrive and enjoy their precious growing years. TigerKidz 365 Junior is a special comprehensive formulation in support of kid health, made into delicious chewable tablets for no-fuss consumption. Its key ingredient, Tiger Milk Mushroom, touted as a Malaysian national treasure, has been used by natives in Southeast Asia for more than 400 years for addressing various health issues with favourable outcomes. TigerKidz 365 Junior also contains DHA, Colostrum, Calcium, Lactose and mixed berries, that help in keeping kids healthy by supporting their respiratory functions, digestive system, brain development, eye health, immunity, bone development as well as their overall health so that they’ll be able to make the most of their growing years.


Active Ingredients: Grape powder, strawberry powder, lactose (milk protein), passion fruit powder, tiger milk mushroom, seaweed calcium, vitamin C, blackcurrant, blueberry, cranberry, elderberry, fructo-oligosasccharides (FOS), colostrum (milk protein), multienzyme complex, omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic (DHA), sucralose, Mixed berries flavor.


Dosage: Two (2) ~ four (4) tablets daily


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