Hei Hwang Four Goodness Powder (30g x 15’s)


The Sze Sheng powder is said to be capable of improving the appetite or digestion, relief of indigestion or diarrhoea and bloating.Sze Sheng powder is also to be suitable for growing young children or young people.It is also suitable to be consumed during poor appetite and providing nutrition during recovery from illness.In addition,individuals who are afraid getting heaty easily can also consummed the products.

Currently we are the only one using purple Chinese yam as ingredient for Sze Shang Powder, because this herbs contains more nutrients than the normal Chinese Yam, so it also named” Purple Ginseng” . It contains high quantity of the anthocyanins which is known to have antioxidant purpose. Purple Chinese Yam also contains a lot of protein, carbohydrate, starch and other nutrients, thus frequent consumption of this herb may help in keeping skin moisturized and improve cell metabolism. Traditionally, it’s used for nourishing lungs, kidneys and spleens to treating diarrhea, coughing, nocturnal emission, frequent urination and others.

Barley contains 16.2% protein,4.65% fats, vitamins and amino acids, coix fat, starch and other nutrients. Traditionally, it’s used for nourishing spleen, lungs reducing heat in body and others.

Lotus Seed contains lots of calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Traditionally it’s used for nourishing kidneys, spleen and intestine, reducing insomnia, forgetfulness, good for eyes and ears, nocturnal emission, loss of appetite and others.

Foxnut is rich in carbohydrate. Traditionally used for nourishing spleen, supplement and stew made with foxnuts and lean meat may be good for nerve pain, headache, joint pain, backache and others.

Tuckahoe contains lecithin, glucose, histidine, choline, minerals, lipase, protease, other enzymes and nutrients which may be benefits to human body.

No Preservative/ No Colouring/ Cholesterol Free/ High Dietary Fibre

Ingredients : Soya Bean Powder, Brown Rice Powder, Cereal Flakes, Oat Powder, Black Wheat Powder Wheat Powder, Chinese Yam Powder, Lotus Seeds Powder, Barley Powder Fox Nut Powder “Fu Ling” Powder Black Soya Bean Powder, Walnut Powder, Black Fungus, Black Sesame.

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