Hei Hwang Organic Black Soya Powder 黑王有机纯黑豆粉 400g


Organic Black Soybeans are the only common plant food that contain complete protein, they also contain carbohydrates and fat, which together with complete protein represent the three macro-nutrients that required for good nutrition. Soybeans also contain calcium, folic acid and iron. Soya protein amino acid profile is nearly equal to that of meat, milk and eggs. Because soybeans are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, they are a healthier source of protein than some more common alternatives.

有机黑豆是一种天然的防老抗衰食物,具有医疗食疗特殊功能 。我国自古以来就有用有机黑豆保健养生的传统 。有机黑豆的蛋白质含量高达百分之三十六至四十 ,相当于肉类含量的两倍 ,鸡蛋的三倍 ,牛奶的十二倍 。有机黑豆含有百分之十九的油脂 ,其中不饱和脂肪酸达百分之八十 ,吸收率高达九成五以上 ,除了能满足人体对脂肪的需求外 ,还有降低血液中胆固醇的作用 。根据中医理论 ,黑色属水 ,水走肾 ,所以黑色食物入肾功能多 ,人的衰老往往先从肾机能显现,想要延年益寿 ,防老抗衰 ,增强活力 、精力 、必须首重补肾 。

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