GBT Northern America Bilberry Assorted Essence 200ml


Bilberry contains catechin tannins and soluble fiber, the tannic acid in the digestive system will act as convergence agents, resulting in anti-inflammatory effects. Bilberry tannin content account for its historial use in

  • Eye fatigue and vision improvement
  • Improvement of eye bag and dark eye circles
  • Relieving tiredness and dryness in eyes
  • Maintaining healthy heart
  • Moisturizing the skin/ Reduce aging of skin

No sugar added/ No artificial flavoring & coloring

Ingredients : Bilberry, Greengage, Raspberry, Marigold, Oligosaccharides

How to consume :

  1. Serve TWICE a day. Dilute 2-4 tablespoon with cold water or dilute to suit your taste.

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