Mommy J STEP 3 Organic Baby Tri Grain 900g


Organic Pearl Rice | ORGANIC PEARL WHITE RICE > -Beneficial gas, nourishing yin, moistening and drying functions, is conducive to the development and health of the baby, can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion. It also promotes the absorption of fat, and also promotes the formation of loose and soft small clots in the milk powder, making it easy to digest and absorb. It is the most easily absorbed and nutritious cereal for your baby.

Non gluten with good calorie source for energy and is one of the easiest grains to digest by baby.

Organic millet | ORGANIC HULLED MILLET > – Rich in dietary fiber, it can nourish the stomach, promote digestion, and facilitate detoxification. Baby eats millet, can supplement potassium, protects the normality of heartbeat, supplements energy and physical strength, maintains vitality, and can improve the heat capacity of antibodies. Millet is also rich in calcium. Baby eats millet, which can supplement calcium and promote the healthy development of bones and teeth.

Best source of alkaline-producing for soothing the stomach and fever, so it is ideal in times of digestive distress and infections of little ones.

Organic small millet (white) | ORGANIC WHITE QUINOA >- White has the best taste, black and red tastes relatively poor, and the kernel is small. It is easy to digest. It can provide enough high-quality protein and all kinds of essential trace elements and minerals to help your baby grow up healthily. Omega-3 plays a decisive role in infant intelligence and retinal development; it also reduces the incidence of celiac disease, infant eczema and milk thistle.

A complete protein source with healthy omega-3 fatty acids for baby’s brain and eye development as well as cell maintenance and repair.


After careful selection, it is organically grown and cereals without any additives . Gold formula by nutrition experts , designed for the growth of babies of 8 months or more.
✔️ Comprehensive balanced nutrition , high vitamin combination, protein and more.
Easy to digest baby , can reduce the baby’s stomach upwind

Cooking Instruction:

  • Wash and rinse grains, then pour intol innere pot A
  • Add water of the portion between grain water is 1.0 : 1.7 (porridge) 1.0 : 1.2 (Rice) c
  • Close the lid, cook it in rice cooker
  • Gently stir the bottom to balace out moisture before serving.

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