Earth Living Premium Multi Grain 1kg


  • Nutritional value for whole grains are 17 times higher with lower calories and more dietary fiber.
  • Wide range of beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, amino acids and anti-oxidants Ideal for daily diet

Earth Living Premium Multi Grain contains various specially selected whole grains, providing a range of beneficial nutrients.

Ingredients : Organic Thailand Brown Rice, Organic Red Brown Rice, Organic Pearl Black Rice, Organic Pearl Brown Rice, Organic Sweet Millet, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Oat Croats, Organic Corn Meal, Organic Rolled Oat, Organic Pearl Barley and Fox Nut.

Cooking method :

  1. Direction to use Best to rinse the rice with clean water Soak in the water for two (2) hours or more before cooking for softer texture
  2. Cooking rice – use the ratio of 1:2 for rice to water Cooking porridge – use the ratio 1:7 for rice to water

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