Earth Living Pearl Black Rice 500g


  • Excellent source of Vitamin and a great source of Minerals.
  • It is regards as The Rice of Longevity’ in Chinese medicinal diet for health in maintaining optimum function of Spleen, Liver and the smooth flow of blood circulation.
  • High Fiber of Pearl Black Rice help to improve regularity of bowel movements, ease constipation hence good for a healthy colon.

About 60%-80% of the nutritional value of rice lies in the bran and germ. As compare to white rice that has been milled to remove the bran and much of the germ, brown rice retains much of the vital nutrients. Thus, it is highly recommended by the nutritionists as a part of our daily diet.

Cooking Method:

  1. Cooking rice: Use the ratio of 1:3 for rice to water.
  2. Cooking Porridge: Use the ratio 1-7 for rice to water.
  3. Rinse the rice with clean water. Soak in the water for 2 Hours or more before cooking will give the rice a softer texture.

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