Earth Living Organic Royal Indian Basmati Parboiled Rice 900g


Basmati rice origins from the footage of the Himalaya Range. Basmati is the lowest GI rice of all. Glycemic Index (GI) , it’s a value used for measuring sugar spiking in our blood glucose level, making it choice for diabetic or low sugar dieters. Royal Indian Basmati Parboiled Rice is a carefully selected high quality basmati rice by parboiling it before husk is removed by soaking, steamed, dried and then dehusked. This process drives nutrients from the bran and germ to the endosperm, enables rice molecules to react and change its starchiness nature, makes it score a GI value below 50. Parboiled Rice is beneficial to health as its unique preparation process retains the original nutritional value of a whole rice grain.

This explains why the Parboiled Basmati rice has yellowish tint due to the color penetration from the bran and germ. Royal Indian Basmati Parboiled Rice has a good source of fiber, calcium, potassium,iron,zinc & vitamin B6. It takes less cooking time and has a firmer and less sticky grain. A good choice for diabetes management, low sugar diets, weight-watchers, grain rice and rice salad preparations.

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