Instant Crispy Misua Tom Yam 120g


Hectic lifestyle nowadays leads to bad munching meals. This bowl of crispy misua comes with real food paste is well thought of and designed for that quick-fix meal purpose. Earth Living knows the importance of delivering nutritious and yet delicious heart-warming meal even during on-the-go!

Tom yam paste in the sachet is slowly braised with real traditional ingredients for that authentic taste~

100% Vegan/  80% Organic Ingredients/ Non MSG/ Non GMO/ Non additive/ Non presevatives

Misua Ingredients : Organic unbleached flour, Vegetable oil, Organic french sea salt, Filtered water

Paste Ingredients : Filtered water, Organic soy sauce, Organic brown sugar, Organic high oleic sunflower oil, Lemongrass, Galangal, Torch ginger flower, Chili, Kaffir Leaf, Lime, French sea salt

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