Earth Organic High Calcium B-Glucan Powder x 850g


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MIRACLE RYE OAT TIGER MILK MUSHROOM POWDER provides several benefits for consumers such as cancer, cough, gastritis, indigestion, and asthma. It is suitable for the consumers who have weakened the immune system. It has been popular in Southeast Asia and China as traditional medicine to treat lung and respiratory disease, food poisoning and induce wound healing. Besides, Chinese physician in Hong Kong treated liver cancer, gastric ulcers, and chronic hepatitis by using tiger milk mushroom. Malay traditional also consume tiger milk mushroom to cool the body, treated women after childbirth and tuberculosis.

神奇有机虎乳黑麦粉是一种健康饮品. 它富含维他命B12, 可溶解纤维BETA葡聚糖, 膳食, Omega 3, 脂肪酸 (PUFA), 亚麻籽油和抗氧化. 虎乳菌是亚洲国家中最珍贵的草药植物之一,也被称为药用蘑菇.

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