Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria & Peach 200g


uewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach is an organic health drink made from 100% naturally cultivated Aloe Saponaria and peach. Aloe Saponaria is a premium edible variety that can be consumed in Aloe’s skin and its whole body. Aloe Saponaria is high in quality and also rich in chlorophyll and Fiber too. Aloe Saponaria is also a high-grade variety called “Western Ginseng” or Ginseng Aloe” because it contains a large amount of “saponin”, the main ingredient of ginseng which is good for our general health. Nuewee Organic Aloe Saponaria with Peach also promotes bowel movement and can benefit people who struggle in constipation and haemorrhoids. The Aloe Saponaria enhance skin beauty, promotes blood circulation, lower cholesterol, improve hangover, anti-cancer, regulate sebum secretion, gastritis, reflux esophagitis, inflammation of enteritis, immunity enhancement, diet effect.

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