Miracle Organic Tri Quinoa Purple Rice Milk 神奇有机三色藜麦紫米奶 900g


MIRACLE ORGANIC QUINOA PURPLE RICE MILK is made up from the great combination of tri-colour-quinoa, purple Rice, Psyllium husk and other nutritional grains-products that enrich you with essential antioxidant compound and dietary fibre.It contains plant-based protein that is higher than other grain products (rice, barley, sorghum, corn and rye).

The light purple colour of purple rice is an excellent source of antioxidant,which helps to fight with free radicals in your blood stream, add extra aroma to this special formulated plant-based milk beverage. Other than that, the Psyllium husk present helps to promote your bowel movement, in another word?

Yes! Weight losing! How could it help? It is a soluble fibre which helps to accelerate lipid metabolism,reduce blood cholesterol level through production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) from undigested fibre by colonic microflora, and block excess calories intake, nutrition absorption and ingestion rate,promoting longer satiety. Other benefit from this beverage? Try it today and find it out yourself!

神奇有机三色藜麦紫米奶是由三色藜麦,紫米,车前草壳和其他营养谷物产品组合而成, 这些产品富含您必需的抗氧化化合物和膳食纤维。它含有比其他谷物产品 (大米,大麦,高粱,玉米和黑麦)更高的植物蛋白。

紫米的淡紫色是抗氧化剂的极好来源,它有助于与血流中的自由基作抗斗,也为这种特殊配方的 植物乳饮料增添额外的香气。除此之外,车前子壳有助于促进你的肠胃功能,换句话说呢?

是!减肥!它怎么帮助?它是一种可溶性纤维,通过结肠菌群产生未消化纤维产生短链脂肪酸 (SCFA),并阻止过量的卡路里摄入量,营养吸收和摄入率,促进更长时间的饱腹感, 有助于加速脂质代谢,降低血液胆固醇水平。

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