Fine Foods Pure First Milking Colostrum (4g x 30’s)


Colostrum is the perfect all-round powerful, natural immunity booster for you and your children. The sole reason for breastfeeding your new-born baby, statistics have shown that breastfeeding initiatives have reduced the mortality rate of Malaysian children by 85 percent because of colostrum!

  • Contains ONLY special pure colostrum powder (NO unnecessary ingredients such as milk powder, sweeteners or minerals).
  • Contains 20% IgG or 1000mg in our sachet (5000mg)
  • Contains 4.5% PRP, important in the regulation of our immune system 100% natural from USDA grade A dairies.
  • Only taken from the first milking of the cow where it contains the highest concentration of beneficial nutrients.


  • Helps in the recovery of sore throat, cough and flu (1 week course 5 grams a day and you will be up and running in no time)
  • Replacement for antibiotics in boosting your immune system.
  • Helps in gut problems such as chronic diarrhea, inflammation of the gut, gastric and etc.
  • Accelerates an athlete’s recovery (muscle and tissue repair) and promotes lean body mass.
  • Improve a child’s growth and build strong bones and teeth.

Ingredients : Bovine skimmed colostrum powder (4.5%PRP) , contains emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) as permitted food conditioner.

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