Etblisse Emil 3H Earth Friendly Milk 600g


Alterations to the dietary pattern over the past 20 years and the emergence of sedentary lifestyle have led to escalating rates of obesity and 3 Highs, namely diabetes, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure in developing countries. Etblisse Emil 3H adheres to expert opinions of European Food Safety Authority by laying Finnish organic oat bran as the primary ingredient, coupled with antioxidant-rich Chinese purple yam, violet and red sweet potatoes. Oat bran has been prised as the “Aristocrat of Fibre” for delivering enormous clinically-proven health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and stabilising blood glucose. The fusion of grains and tubers are sure to surprise your palate!

3 reasons for choosing Emil 3H

  • Supports healthy blood cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar
  • Aids in digestive system
  • Quicker and better efficacy


  1.  3H (high cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar)
  2. weight management
  3. constipation
  4. elderly

Naturally Cholesterol Free \ Dairy Free \ Gluten Free \ GMO Free \ No Preservatives \ No Artificial Colors \ No Artificial Flavors



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