Earth Organic Vegan Organic 5 Grains Powder Powder 純素有機營養五穀粉 – 500g


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Exp date 1.12.2020

Using high quality organic ingredient with modernized technology to create this nut into a convenient powder form for instant consumption without altering its nutrients quality. A super food beverage full of important nutrients, minerals and fiber designed for those who envy the goodness of the nut and yet always in the rush. Earth Living makes it possible for you to enjoy this beneficial drink in our ‘rush rush’ world today.

We assure you that our Organic 5 Grains Powder contains only high quality pure organic ingredient. It strictly contains no GMO ingredients, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no colourings, no flavourings, no trans-fat, no sweetener, no dairy especially no anti-caking agent.

使用高品质的有机成分和现代化技术,将这种坚果制成方便的粉末形式,即时食用,不会改变其营养品质。 一种超级食品饮料,富含重要的营养成分,矿物质和纤维,专为那些羡慕坚果的美味而又总是匆忙的人而设计。 Earth Living让您可以在我们今天的“匆忙”世界中享受这种有益饮料。

我们向您保证,我们的有机5粒粉末仅含有高品质的纯有机成分。 它严格不含转基因成分,不含化学添加剂,不含防腐剂,不上色,不含调味剂,不含反式脂肪,不含甜味剂,不含乳制品,特别是不含防结块剂。

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