Earth Organic Japanese Satsuma Yellow Sweet Potato Quinoa Millet Powder 850g


Organic Japanese Sweet Potato
Organic Millet (Certified by NASAA),
Organic Pumpkin,
Organic White Quinoa (Certified by NASAA),
Organic Black Quinoa (Certified by NASAA),
Organic Red Quinoa (Certified by NASAA),
Organic White Sesame,
Organic Black Rice (Certified by NASAA),
Organic Brown Rice (Certified by NASAA),
Soy Lecithin (Non GMO), Oligo Saccharide.

Benefits of Earth Living Quinoa Millet Powder
* Lower digestive cancer risks
* Anti-inflammatory
* Lower Type-2 diabetes risk
* Slow aging degeneration
* Protect eye & heart
* High potassium controls blood pressure
* High manganese helps brain functions
* High beta-carotene antioxidant
* High dietary fiber high antioxidants

Earth Living Organic Japanese Satsuma Yellow Sweet Potato Quinoa Millet Powder (With Pumpkin)
According to recent research, sweet potato is considered the most nutritious tuberous root vegetable on earth. Thanks to its many antioxidant properties. Earth Living offers this Japanese Satsuma Yellow Sweet Potato Quinoa Millet Powder with Pumpkin which contain more abundant nutritive values than you can ask for. The awareness of gluten-intolerance nowadays makes this gluten-free powder your best option for energy boosting quick-fix meal and daily antioxidants intake. Millet is a versatile grain with alkaline nature, it is effective in balancing your body’s acidity due to stress, lifestyle and pollution, Japanese Satsuma Sweet Potato is well-known for possessing high beta-carotene oxidant that gives its vibrant hue. Yellow sweet potato blended with millet, quinoa and smoothen by another high beta-carotene antioxidant pumpkin make this powder not only super delicious but with phytonutrientseffective in counteracting many modern diseases and cancers. It is high in dietary fiber, powerhouse of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, folate, iron, Omega-3, ALA and other trace minerals make it cover most part of your daily health requirement and antioxidant benefits. Low Glycemic index natural oligosaccharide is used for a healthier sweetening choice for those who have blood sugar issue and serve as prebiotic purpose for a healthier digestive system.

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