Radiant Portuguese Sea Salt 250g


Traditional Radiant Portuguese sea salt is produced along the southern coast of Portugal.It receives very little rainfall during the summer harvest months. This allows for a thick layer of salt to accumulate before raking it — and the resulting salt harvest is free of contamination from clay at the bottom of the pan.

Traditional hand harvested sea salt, is a completely natural, unprocessed product. It is produced in “salinas” (salt marshes and salt pans) using age-old methods –- methods familiar to the Romans over 2000 years ago.

The natural methods used in the crystallization of sea salt give the product a bouquet of trace elements that is lacking in industrial sea salt. Using traditional methods, almost all of the sea water minerals are retained in the product, as opposed to modern salt fields whose yield is almost 100% sodium chloride. The differences in the two can be most obviously seen in the shape of the crystals, the brilliantly white colour of traditional Portuguese sea salt and, most importantly, in the taste.

After being harvested by hand, traditional sea salt is sun-dried for a minimum of five days in order to evaporate the remaining water, maximizing the magnesium and iodine content. It is then stored and packed without any further processing.

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