MH FOOD 100% Natural Erythritol 250g


Erythritol is found naturally in pears and grapes, but industrially, yeast is used to produce it. Erythritol doesn’t cause cavities, and it hasn’t been implicated in fibromyalgia, preterm birth, headaches, hypertension, brain disorders, or platelet disorders like other low-calorie sweeteners. Moreover, erythritol may actually have some antioxidant properties. As with any highly processed product, though, its utility should be confined to increasing consumption of green-light foods.

Why Choose Natural Erythritol ?

  • 1.Zero calories, all-natural sweetener
  • 2.Tastes exactly like sugar
  • 3.Perfect for beverages and bakings
  • 4.Low GI, Gluten-free, not carbs, vegan, non-GMO

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