Earth Living Organic Villa Blanca Grape Seed Oil 1L


Grape seed oil contains great components like polyphenols, EFA and vitamin E which are known in the treatment from many minor to severe health conditions.

This oil has very high smoking point that makes it welcomed in deep frying cuisine. High in antioxidant compounds and high vitamin E, and highly demanded oil industry.

Health Benefits
– High oleic-acid in oil has anti-inflammatory, anti allergen acne reductive, improve skin problems and moisture retentive properties
– Anti-inflammatory can improved rheumatoid arthritis conditions
– Grape seed oil contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin and flavonoids help capillary integrity damaged vessels and capillary valves and poor blood circulation.
– Anti glycemic components help diabetes and visual impairment in diabetic.
– Improve high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and issues
– Certain components are effective in cancer prevention

Suitable for:
– Ideal for cooking oil due its neutral taste

– Natural grape seed oil

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