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For a pain-free, quality life  

Joint pains, especially in the knee, shoulder or hip, as well as bone issues such as osteoporosis can be excrutiating to endure, but these can be put to the past with the help of UPC Gold, a special formulation targeted at maintaining joint and bone health. UPC Gold has three natural active ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body: Mangosteen extract; Marine Collagen Peptides and hydrolyzed egg yolk powder work in synergy to deliver better joint and bone health. Mangosteen extract helps control inflammation, reduces pain and maintains healthy joints where else Marine Collagen peptides regenerates cartilage tissues. Hydrolyzed egg yolk promotes higher bone density and helps increase bone formation. UPC Gold is also useful as a natural supplement for pains associated with ligament injury, sprains, strains and more. A simply better, quality of life with less pain is made possible with UPC Gold.


Active Ingredients: Passion Fruit, Merine Collagen Peptides, Mangosteen extract, Melastoma, Wheatgrass, Egg yolk peptides, Ascorbic acid, Sucralose


Dosage: Take 2~3 scoop (10g), Mix with 150ml~200ml of lukewarm water stir well and serve 1 to 2 times daily

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UPC Gold
The special formulation of UPC Gold is targeted at maintaining the health of joints and bone

UPC Gold comprises three natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body.

Ideal for
Patellofemoral arthritis, Knee osteoarthritis, Ligament injury, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sprain, Strain

Regenerate cartilage tissues
• Prevent cartilage degeneration
• Stimulate the synthesis of collagen

Inhibit joint information
• Relieve joint pain
• Increase joint flexibility

Increase bone density
• Promote bone growth
• Inhibited osteoclast activity

Clinically proven effective in alleviating joint pain within 5-10 days, whilst stimulating the chondrocytes (articular cells) to produce more collagen that aids bone cells regeneration (improve bone density)

UPC Gold 是特殊配方产品以两大原理以保护关节及骨骼健康.
UPC Gold 拥有三种易被人体吸收的天然成分:1)山竹果提取物、2)海洋胶原肽、3)蛋黄多肽


• 预防软骨退变
• 刺激胶原蛋白的合成

• 缓解关节疼痛
• 增加关节灵活性

• 促进骨骼生长
• 抑制破骨细胞活性

临床验证有效的在5-10天内缓解关节疼痛, 刺激软骨细胞(关节细胞)产生更多的胶原蛋白, 增加骨细胞(形成骨密度)

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