Nuhealth ActiPlus 100® 60’s


Companion for Healthy Living (60’s capsule)

As we are enjoying the convenience of modern civilization, some civilization diseases are secretly approaching us and invading our bodies without warning. With the gradual improvement in material living standard, the incidence of various civilization diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and etc. has been rising and affecting more young people nowadays. Along with the evolution of the era and the advancement of technology, the medical level has also improved accordingly. However, the undeniable fact is that our health is getting worse as compared to the past. Diseases of modern civilization, also known as urban diseases, or referred to as lifestyle diseases, are chronic diseases which have accumulated over a long period of time caused by life pressure, nutritional imbalance, lack of exercise, and other factors.


ActiPlus 100 is mainly made of Antrodia Cinnamomea, a precious medicinal fungus originates from Taiwan, also containing Phellinus Igniarius and Artichoke. It has been proven that these ingredients are efficacious to enhance liver function, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, anti-virus, anti-cancer, relieve hangover, detox, and etc. ActiPlus 100 guards your health, it is a must-have item to prevent civilization diseases and protect physical health. It is your indispensable companion for healthy living!


Active Ingredients: Fungi Phellinus Linteus, Antrodia Camphorata Fruiting Body, Semen Dolichos Lablab, Herb Cynara Scolymus, Fructus Momordica Charantia, Redix Rhodiola Rosea, Folium Perilla Frutescents


Dosage: One (1) capsule each time, to be served after meal at morning and evening.

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ActiPlus 100
It is a natural health product for improving liver function based on Taiwan’s national treasure Antrodia Cinnamomea, Phellinus japonica and Artichoke.
It is a must-have product for preventing civilized diseases and health care, and it is a good companion for our life!

Suitable for
Frequent socializing, drinking, excessive fatigue, poor sleeping quality, loss of appetite, etc. . .

Overall health, anti-oxidation, improve liver function, promote metabolism, etc.

ActiPlus 100
Produk kesihatan semulajadi yang mengutamakan khazanah negara Taiwan Antrodia Cinnamomea, Phellinus dan Artichoke, untuk meningkatkan fungsi hati.
Produk yang mesti ada untuk mencegah penyakit moden dan menjaga kesihatan, dan ia merupakan teman yang baik untuk hidup kita!

Sesuai untuk
Kerap bersosial, minum, keletihan yang berlebihan, tidak cukup tidur, kurang selera makan, dll. . .

Kesihatan keseluruhan,
anti-Pengoksidaan, meningkatkan fungsi hati, menggalakkan metabolisme, dsb.

ActiPlus 100



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