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🌊 蓝色海洋是由藻蓝蛋白调配而成。该产品由优质藻蓝蛋白在低温过程中制成,以确保所有营养成分得到很好的保存。蓝海海洋使您充满活力,以实现健康目标。

🌊Blue Ocean Diet is a nourishment drink made from phycocyanin enriched with marine sourced ingredients. This product is made from premium quality phycocyanin under low-temperature processes to ensure all the nutrients are well preserved. Blue Ocean Diet keeps you full of vitality to achieve health goals.

🟣Cholesterol Free / 不含胆固醇
🟢 100% Natural ingredients / 100%天然成分
🟡 No preservative & no metal residue / 无防腐剂&无金属残留物
🟠 No colouring & no flavouring / 无色素&无香精
🔴 Excellent taste / 独家创新口感

👍 Main Functions / 主要功能:👍
✔ Strengthen immune system / 增强免疫力 💪
✔ Elastic and younger-looking skin / 有弹性和年轻的肌肤
✔ Boost metabolism / 提高新陈代谢
✔ Improved eyes and brain health / 促进眼睛和脑部健康 👀
✔ Promote bowel health / 促进肠道健康

🥢 Ingredients 成分:
Psyllium Husk, Acerola Powder (Vitamin C), Fish Collagen, Lemon, Oligofructose (FOS), Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Astaxanthin, Fructose, Maltodextrin成份:

Phycocyanin: It is a natural blue pigment extract from Spirulina. It is benefit in boosting immune system, act as an anti-inflammatory substance, effectively in anti-allergic and provide anti-radical properties.

DHA: It is derived from algae, an omega-3 fatty acid which is essential for eye and brain development, boost memory and support heart health.

Fish Collagen: Collagen makes up 70% of skin structure which stimulates skin cells renewal and repair for anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, firm up and hydrate your skin.

Astaxanthin: It is found in algae and rich in carotenoids that acts as antioxidants to help protect brain, eyes and skin against UV damage and anti-aging.

Vitamin C: It is extracted from acelora cherry which rich of vitamin C that strengthen immunity, skin whitening and enhance iron absorption to prevent anaemia.
维生素 C:它来自针叶樱桃粉提取高维生素C,可增强免疫力、美白肌肤和增加铁质吸收,预防贫血。

Lemon: It has refreshing aroma with naturally occurring vitamin C and flavonoids, powerful antioxidant for boosting immunity to against common cold and flu.

Psyllium Husk: it is rich in soluble fibre that draws water into the intestines to help bulk and soften stool to promote regularity and reduce constipation.

Serving Suggestion 冲调方式:
Add 3 scoops (25g) of Blue Ocean Diet mix with 150ml warm water, mix evenly and serve.

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