Max Mixed Fruit Drink 750ml


A Powerful Blend of Super Fruits In a Delicious Dietary Supplement !

Anti-oxidants are ”any substances at low concentration which are able to inhibit oxidation caused by free radicals”. They may act directly on free radicals or they may indirectly exhaust free radicals of ailments which are related to free radicals. It can be said that free radicals are the ”cause of all ailments‘’.

Free radicals and ailments :

Tumours – Free radicals attack DNA, causing changes in the transmission of genetic information.

Cardiovascular ailments – Free radicals causes over-oxidation of lipids and causes arteriosclerosis.

Decline in immunity – Free radicals destroy cellular structure and affect the normal immunity function of cells.

Cataract – This is caused by the attack of free radicals on the lens

Senile Dementia – This is caused by attack of free radicals on brain cells and nerve cells


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