Clovers Wheatgrass Hair Shampoo 500ml




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CLOVERS Wheatgrass Essence 2in1 Hair Shampoo 500ml
可健氏小麦草精华2合1洗发水 500ml

👉头发枯糙,分叉, 脆弱

Are you facing the following problems?
👉Itchy scalp
👉Scalp acne, red rash
👉Hair loss, hair loss problem
👉Rough, split ends, fragile hair
👉Excessive dandruff


Have you ever thought that our hair faces the following things every day:
💨Hair Gel, Hair spray, Hair wax
💨Hair Perm, Hair dye, Bleach and dye, Hair Styling
💨Chemical shampoo, Chemical Conditioner

🌿🌿🌿小麦草 – 碱性之王🌿🌿🌿
Wheatgrass-King of Alkaline



With a long history, wheatgrass has the nickname of Alkaline King, which is a natural crop with the best natural acid-base balance in nature. You may have heard people say to drink wheatgrass and drink healthy. We are the first wheatgrass factory to exclusively research and develop the fresh wheatgrass extract into the shampoo, so that the pH balance of the scalp comes from the natural wheatgrass extract

The reason for pH 5.5 is that the foreign authorities studies research have found that the most ideal scalp care pH is at pH 5.5 for many years. A proper scalp pH can reduce scalp inflammation and rashes. It can promote healthy and lush hair growth.

🌿🌿🌿小麦草 – 天然排毒解毒🌿🌿🌿
Natural DETOX King

Wheatgrass contains natural chlorophyll, which can inhibit the growth and development of undesirable bacteria. It is an antibacterial agent. The curative effect of internal and external medication is very good. The liquid chlorophyll in wheatgrass can remove toxins accumulated in the skin and body, help purify the skin, and remove heavy metals from the body. Every day we use the shampoo and conditioner bought in the supermarket, they all contain dozens of chemical ingredients such as SLS, PARABEN, SILIKON, Stabalizer, Preservative and so on. These are all urgently required us to completely detoxify our scalp.

🌿🌿🌿RAHN switszerland Pro-Biotic – 益生菌🌿🌿🌿


一般的洗发水为了“快速凸显”柔顺、去屑等效果,会添加了各种化学成分,长时间使用会破坏头皮层的微生态环境,从而出现严重脱发现象。CLOVERS小麦草洗发水的亮点在于添加了独特RAHN switszerland 益生菌,这种益生菌可以帮助平衡被破坏的头皮层微生态环境,从其根本上解决脱发问题。


RAHN probiotics can promote the scalp to naturally achieve a normal balance of bad bacteria. It is not blindly to eliminate bad bacteria, long-term, it will cause dryness, necrosis, and split ends of the scalp.

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