Clovers Skywheat Wheatgrass Tablets (72g x 200 tablets)


Skywheat Wheatgrass is a nutraceutical which could help the body to delay aging. The main ingredients are skywheat and wheatgrass. It also contains lots of active minerals, vitamins, enzymes, protein and the essential elements needed by human body. It provides us with the balanced nutrition needed daily.

  • Detoxifying Magnesium improves digestion / Regulates blood pH levels
  • Protect Contains anti-aging properties/ Protect heart health/ Relieves fatigue/ Strengthen immunity & balance endocrine system
  • Beauty – High concentration of enzymes prevent obesity/ Rapidly dissolves blood clots / Promote balanced hormone secretion

Ingredients : Red Rice, Wheatgrass

Recommended Dosage : 5-10 tablets (2 to 3 times each day)     Children: half the dosage above


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